Educator, Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Creator of the Functional Foot Map System.

The Functional Foot Map system is based on Lee’s extensive experience as a coach and consultant for athletes, researchers and shoe brands interested in the potential benefits of barefoot running and natural foot function. The list of people and brands that have benefited from Lee’s coaching methods and unique approach to restoring foot function include Chris MacDougall the author of the best-selling ‘Born to Run’, the ‘barefoot professor’ Dan Lieberman of Harvard University and the shoe brands ‘Vivobarefoot’ and ‘Joe Nimble’.

For articles and publications by Lee go to www.leesaxby.com

The Functional Foot Map ships with everything you need to start checking your client's feet.

Watch the videos (unboxing, setting up, analyzing footprints) on our YouTube channel HERE

The Functional Foot Map Certification Workshop (14 contact hours) is registered in the UK for CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Yes, we sell the range of consumable items to support Functional Foot Map Practitioners/Users. Go to accessories HERE

Yes, please contact us HERE to discuss. Certification Workshops are limited to a 16 student class size.